"Two - Wings Of Ember" CD Digipack

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“Two - Wings Of Ember“ is the second out of four chapters, in which TVINNA breaks down the different episodes of life - each linked to one of the four elements. On this release, the element of fire takes the central stage. "Two - Wings Of Ember", which will be released in 2024 via By Norse, is dedicated to the next chapter of human existence - childhood, youth - and the element fire. Within eleven multifaceted sound chapters, one experiences a moving, honest and adventurous sonic journey. Mysticism, mythology and lyricism are equally firmly rooted in TVINNA's music - a deep attraction to nature and the magic of life.


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1. Nénuphar
 2. Dawn Of Mine
 3. Louga (feat. Fabienne Erni)
 4. Irwahhên
 5. Arma
 6. Wings Of Ember
 7. Somnia
 8. Two Staves
 9. Fortress
 10. The Fall
 11. Der Weg

Label: By Norse Music
 Media Type: CD Digipack & 24p booklet
 Release Date:  February 23rd 2024
 Genre: Rock / Progressive rock