"One - In The Dark" CD Digipack

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"One - In The Dark" is the first out of four chapters, in which TVINNA break down the different stages of life - each linked to one of the four elements. Their debut album is focusing upon the first chapter of our life: the state of being unborn and the process of birth - reflected through the element of water in its different shapes. Each of the 9 songs on the album tells a story about where we come from, are made of and are born into. One living being, out of the dark, connected and dependent.

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 1. The Gore
 2. 12
 3. Kreiz
 4. Wild Hunt
 5. Inside - The Dark
 6. Sunna
 7. Tides
 8. Partus
 9. Skymning 

Label: By Norse Music
Media type: CD Digipack
Release date: February 19th, 2021

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